Cupcakes and Friends

Last Sunday my daughter had a small get together at home with friends to make cupcakes. I loved that they used a recipe from this blog to make their own cupcakes from start to finish. What I did not like was that I was not the one baking the cupcakes, but I did take advantage of this opportunity and prepared a few treats to surprise them:). At the end of this month they are graduating from high school, so this will be a good memory for Ruby from a few of her friends.

I want to congratulate them on their victory in preparing the chocolate cupcakes with Nutella and Italian meringue. The cupcake tasted DELICIOUS! I loved watching them decorating the cupcakes making rosettes and swirls. Great job guys!

Ruby, Christine, Noheli, Marlen, Estephany, Kelsie, y Paola.

The only boy that was present was Francisco, and he had a chance to "really" enjoy the cupcakes!

The following are cake pops, marshmallow pops, alfajores,  Minnie and Mikey fondant covered cookies, Mexican wedding cookies (polvorones), Dominican meringue cookies (suspiritos) and profiteroles filled with a chicken spread, were all done my me. For the delicious chicken filling recipe go here. At the end it all came together like I had planned it with anticipation, but I am not an expert in this of party tables. Pinterest is of great inspiration for me and I am planning on organizing many tables like this or better for my family when they come to visit me from USA.

I do have a problem with leaving everything out in the open for a long time, so I manage to cover  a few things with treat bags and jar tops. I always wonder how cold and warm desserts are kept at their required temperature without spoiling while they are on display in dessert tables in most cases many hours? Do you have any tips or ideas for party tables?

A few ideas...

I have a weakness for saving jars and bottles to recycle them.  I used maraschino cherries to display the meringues and the polvorones.

As cake pops and marshmallow  pops stand I used foam pieces covered in aluminum and decorated the border with red ribbon. Color paper or gift wrapping paper make wonderful covers as well!

Have a sweet day!

Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.~ 2 Timothy 2:22.


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