Cake and Summer Break

Hola! The last few days I've been busy with house chores and many other home activities that have prevented me to update this blog. I am enjoying this vacation time with my daughters, family members that are visiting and the beauty of the surrounding nature in our farm/ home. In addition to all that, I also had a small accident with a kitchen knife and now have a cut finger with stitches that makes it very hard to type. Until my finger heals, I'll take a blog break. I'll will be replying to all emails and comments as soon as I can, please bear with me and pardon my delay in the last week.

Since I haven't had time to bake lately, I picked this cake from the photos archives that goes perfectly with the Bible verse I share today. I did it about two years ago, but for one reason or another had not shared it. It's one my favorite cakes because of its simplicity and the way I placed rosettes.

To get the recipes I used for this cake, click on the following links:
For the flowers or "rosettes" I used tip # 18, but you can also use tip # 15 or # 16. 
To form rosettes: Hold your pastry bag at a 90˚ angle, apply some pressure to begin to squeeze out frosting starting at the center (9:00) and move tip clockwise forming a tight circle rosette that ends at the starting point (9:00), stop pressure on the pastry bag and lift tip. You can also make them rotating counterclockwise. Check out some other Royal Icing Rosebuds I did a while back.

I made small leaves using tip # 67, but can also be done with # 352.
To form the leaves: locate the tip on the point where you want the base of the leaf to be, apply pressure to the pastry bag and begin to from the base of the leaf, while decreasing the pressure lift up and out to form the leaf point. As soon as I can, I'll work on a video of "how to on leaves" to share with you.

Note: These two techniques can be made with different recipes, either buttercream, meringue or frosting.
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Happy Summer,

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