Strawberry Jam, Mermelada de Fresas

Strawberry jam is by far my most favorite jam to spread on toast, cakes and cookies. As ice cream topping with bits of strawberries is the best treat my hubby and I could ever have! If you are like me and enjoy preparing your own fruit jams, this is one you'll love preparing all year round.

I am proud to say these are Dominican Strawberries grown in the town of Jarabacoa. 

Strawberry Jam

1½ cup fresh strawberries
1¼ cup sugar
1 cup water

1. Place 1¼ cup of water in a sauce pan, when warm, add the strawberries.  
2. Cook for 2 minutes. Remove ¾ cup of the strawberries with ¼ cup of water and process (this is optional), if you want you can leave the strawberries whole.
3. Return processed strawberries to the pot, add the sugar and cook until thickened about 30 minutes or to taste.

Yields: 3 cups.

Note: Frozen strawberries could be used if thats what you have at hand, just use a little less water and sugar, about ¼cup less of each.

Receta en Español: AQUÍ

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