Top 10 recipes for 2011 and Roast Pork in Dominican Republic

"Puerco asado" is the typical meat eaten on holidays in the Dominican Republic. The pigs are roasted on a spit, called "puya" that spins over burning firewood. Not much seasoning is used because  their flavor comes mainly from the smoked wood. I ask a friend that always roasts for us how they season it and he told me they just use a garlic- oregano rub and kosher salt. Pork roasted on a spit has a superb taste!

An amazing amount of pigs are roasted in many street stands in the rural areas the day before Christmas and New Years Eve. My hubby and I drived by a few stands and enjoyed watching hundreds of pigs being roasted.  I manage to get a few pictures, but since it was late night I couldn't get a picture that showed all of them roasting at once.

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If you do not have access to a local stand that roasts pig like these or if you prefer to roast your own pork ham at home I recommend this post:

Here is my "pernil" pork ham in brine:

I made some deep cuts with a knife and filled each of them with a little of the following mixture: 5 Tablespoons of oregano, 2 heads of crushed garlic, 2 sachets of Goya seasoning with annatto (achiote), 3 tablespoons onion powder or ADOBO and 2 teaspoons of salt. I then left it in brine with all other ingredients as indicated in the brine recipe. This ham is 15 pounds (6.5 kg) so it will bake for some 4-6 hours.  Let me know how GREAT you pork ham tasted when you do this :)

Mari's Cakes 2011
Some recipes of  2011 en Mari's Cakes
They were many favorites this year, these are the Top 10 I selected:

MORO de GUANDULES (Rice and Pigeon Peas)


Chocolate EGGNOG




Lemon Chicken with Thyme and Garlic




I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy New Year full of blessings for all. Thank you all for your support, the wonderful comments and emails that I receive constantly. THANK YOU for making me feel like family and for being part of this blog.

En español: AQUÍ

Strengthen the hands of those who are weak. Help those whose knees give way. Say to those whose hearts are afraid,"Be strong. Do not fear. Your God will come.
He will pay your enemies back. He will come to save you." - Isaiah 35:3-4

Happy and Blessed 2012!

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