Plantain and Salami Cupcake

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Lately I have been busy working on many custom cupcakes orders having little time to use the web, which is good for a change! This most recent order I had to share on the blog because it is a representation of two staple Dominican food. I think no one has come up with this idea, and on the web I found nothing like it in fondant.

A plantain and salami (Dominican sausage) cupcake topper made in fondant! Well this goes to show that Dominicans love their plantains! For now I have no tutorial because I came up with the ideas as I worked. When I do get a chance I'll be back to posting recipes and tutorials as usual. Any questions you may have or information you need contact me via comments below or by the contact tab above.

I did not get a chance to get photos of a machete cupcake before delivering it, but in the next photo you can see my husband putting the finishing touches on a fondant machete, a typical tool to work the fields in this country. I think it came out perfect, right?! It’s fun to be creative with the traditional things of any country. Flowers, bows, gum paste figures are beautiful, but this has awaken another type of interest and lots of ideas for baked sweets.

If you are looking for a plantain recipe you can find the following recipes here:

Have a blessed day.

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