Mofongo (Mofongo Dominicano)

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The Mofongo is delicious and easy-to-prepare. It is very popular in the Dominican Republic borrowed from Puerto Rico. Many restaurants serve a great varieties of this dish, either accompanied by mondongo, shrimps, fried meat (salted beef) etc. The following is the traditional recipe.

Mofongo Dominicano con Chicharrón Recipe 

Yield: Serves 8.
2 lbs. of pork Chicharron (crispy skin or rinds).
In the Dominican Republic the chicharrón is pork skin and its fat in large chunks boiled in water until it becomes highly crispy .
2 ½ cups oil for frying
salt to taste
16 medium green bananas (plantains), peeled and sliced an inch thick.
6 cups of hot beef broth
2 teaspoons of slightly fried garlic in two tablespoons of oil.

In a pan fry bananas until they are golden on both sides. When fried sprinkle with salt and garlic sauce.

In a mortar (for pounding) mashed the fried plantains and add the pork rinds (chicharrón) and continue to pound until mixed completely.

Serve accompanied with beef broth and pour over mofongo, so it will be moist.

The Mofongo is a delicious dish to prepare for the family to enjoy its unique taste. To all my friends and family who reside outside the Dominican Republic I dedicate this recipe with lots of love.

God Bless!


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