Batatas Fritas, Fried Boniato

From January 26 to February 27 Dominican Republic celebrates its patriotic month by commemorating our Founding Fathers and the symbols that identify us as Dominican in the world. It's a month to celebrate our independence and to remember, learn and keep us from repeating the mistakes of the past. Unfortunately it may seem we need Juan Pablo Duarte, Matias Ramon Mella and Francisco del Rosario Sanchez to come back and liberate us from the slavery of certain celebrations that I believe should have nothing to do with our folklore and a few other things which I prefer not to write about for now.

I do appreciate the immense heart of this country that automatically grants Dominican citizenship to those born abroad if your parents are Dominicans. So for a few years now I’ve officially been an American Dominican with cédula and all! At times I feel I do not fit in with must customs here, but while I am here in what I can I hope to help make it a better place.

On another note, there is so much to celebrate in this country: an almost always perfect weather, beautiful coastlines, enchanting forests, beautiful green mountains and the secluded rivers in the mountains that are fascinating. To all Dominicans, celebrate this country by bringing out the best of you and of course with our food and delicious desserts. If you are interested in learning how to cook Domnican food I recommend you my eBook.

Today I’ve cooked something easy, sweet potato or boniato fries that are as popular as the tostones, both are favored side dish fritters for Dominicans. In frying stalls and restaurants these batatas fritas are served as an accompaniment to fried meats, sausages or fish. I love them, and lately I have been preparing them often because I find they are less greasy than fries. Since it's batata season, this tuber can be found everywhere in the local markets at a very comfortable price, only five pesos a pound (about .13 USD cents a pound). So take advantage and prepare these sweet potato fries or any of the recipes with this ingredient that I have shared in this blog. Look for  the links of those recipes below. 

Sweet Potato Fries, Batatas Fritas

Boniatos (batatas)

1. Wash and peel the boniatos. Cut into round slices.
2. Fry in abundant hot oil and turn once until lightly browned on both sides and fully cooked inside.    
3. Drain excess oil on paper towel or wire mesh and season with salt to taste.  

Yield: 1 pound of boniato = about 8-10 slices.
Esta receta en español: AQUÍ.

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