Pencil Cake

A sweet end to summer vacation! Today I share a pencil cake to celebrate this "Back to School” month. I wanted to make pencil cookies, but ended up doing a cake by unanimous votes a home. It is a perfect surprise after school snack for kids! It also makes a perfect Teacher’s Day, school party or school meeting treat. This entry is dedicated to all the wonderful, hardworking teachers and students. May this year be a safe, intellectual growth, and a positive one for everyone.

I saw this cake  at Family Fun in 2008 and I loved the idea. It's made with a sculpting/ cutting technique to shape a cake without buying a specific mold. For those who are learning to decorate cake, this is a perfect shape because it's not that complicated. I used a 9 inch square pan that I already had. Feel free to use any of your favorite cake recipe, for me, it is chocolate cake! On this occasion I use the Easy Spongy Chocolate Cake recipe but this time adding a cup of vegetable oil in the mix to make it even softer. I didn't use a filling, but if you do prefer to use one I highly recommend it for this cake.

Cut into a pencil shape. Glue two ends with frosting or jam. I use homemade strawberry jam.

Cover with a light coat of beige colored frosting as a crumb coat. Try not to get cake crumbs all over the frosting. What I do: I place a small amount of frosting in a separate bowl and use that to seal the cake, this way my frosting remains clean of crumbs!  Continue the process desired decoration.

It is easier to decorating with buttercream or fondant and I am sure it will come out MUCH nicer, but I used Italian meringue because lately I have no desire for anything butter. Also because I want to demonstrate different techniques that are possible with the typical Italian meringue frosting we constantly use here. For the brown details I used chocolate buttercream, now this is a frosting I never get tired of! I added one drop of black to the chocolate frosting to give it a darker tone.

Tips used: Ateco #4 and #22

Colors: Ateco (Soft Gel Paste food color) Marca Ateco (Soft Gel Paste Food Colors) Chocolate Brown, Electric Yellow y Deep Pink

En español: AQUÍ

Seek good, not evil, that you may live. Then the LORD God Almighty will be with you.- Amos 5:14

I hope you liked this idea, make a pencil cake soon, and don't forget to send me photos!


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