Each time I decorate cookies with icing I enjoy it more than the previous time. On this occasion I made some "rosebuds" with icing using a pastry bag and petal tip. I also used pearl dust it's very much like luster dust, I had a bottle of it lying around and I am glad I finally found another way to use it.

I love how these cookies came out and named them "Princess Tiana Cookies", after my beautiful niece. They were made as a gift for my daughters and several friends. I feel these cookies go well with my personality  because of the flowers and subtle sheen, therefore, I present this post with great joy.

The rosettes or rosebuds did not come out all the same, instead, I gave them each a there own style making them slightly different. As soon as I heal from my sore right arm, I will practice some more to achieve a rosebud that is more defined. I do however believe that how they look is not something to worry about because even the buds that came out looking kind of funny, as soon as you place some leaves and lust on  them they'll look fantastic. The good thing is that you can do lots of rosebuds in different colors, shapes and sizes. When dry they can be stored in plastic containers and use when you want it in cookies, cupcakes and cakes.

How to video for these little rose buttons:

What you'll need:

To make rosebuds:
Strong consistency icing: HERE (if only making a few, use only a quarter of the icing and leave the rest for the cookies)

Tip # 101 (rosebuds and petals)
Tip # 67 or # 352 (leaves)
Flower nail
1'' squares of wax paper  

For Cookies: 
Cookie recipe: HERE
Icing: HERE
Tip #2 (outline and flooding)
Dried icing rosebuds or flowers
Pearl dust
Two soft brushes, one small and one larger

1. Make cookies and icing. Leaving some icing with a very strong consistency to make flowers. Let flowers to dry overnight. Decorate cookies desired color and allow to dry overnight. Reserve a bit of icing to glue the flowers the next day and also to do the leaves. With cookies and flowers all ready continue:

Note: You can use pearl dust to give a touch of sparkle and pearl glow to bows, flowers or any details made of fondant, gum paste and royal icing. It is easy to use, to apply, use a dry soft artist brush, using very little on the surface you want to add sheen. You can also wet a small amount of dust with a few drops of vodka or vanilla and use it as paint to color decorations. It is edible and is approved by the FDA. You can find this product in a specialized pastry shops or online. I saw it in  NY Cakes.

2. Powder  should be applied gently to the flowers with a dry soft brush, a small amount of dust, is more than enough.

3. I wanted some cookies to have sheen so I also did the same application procedure as in the flowers but with a larger brush. The brush should be soft to avoid damaging the finish of icing (either fondant or icing).

4.  The powder is ready at once, there is no need to wait a while before placing the flower or decoration.

5. Place a dot of icing and then glue the flower. Make the dot small enough or else it will spread outside the flower's border.

6.  Then go with the tip #67 and add leaves for garnish. Let dry and voila, our Princess Tiana Cookies are ready to please yourself or our loved ones.

For me every day of the year is special for LOVE and FRIENDSHIP so although I published these heart shaped cookies after February 14, it is still valid. I love heart shape everything and with the 20 + heart shape cookie cutters I have, you'll see lots of hearts around this blog!

If you need an excuse... these cookies will be a great gift for, your cousin on her birthday, the neighbor's anniversary, Easter and for our Mothers ....... YES, I know you thought about these cookies for Mom. I pictured them in a beige or cream tone for mom, and maybe light blue for me : )  I Hope you liked the idea of the flowers and pearl dust for cookies, and have enjoyed this post as much as I did.

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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. Do not cause anyone to stumble, whether Jews, Greeks or the church of God — Corinthians 10:31-32 

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