Pre-tied Ribbon Bows for Cake Pops and Cookies

Summer is not over yet and we are already involved in back to school errands. I really miss the good old days when class started in September. These past two weeks I have been enjoying time with my daughters as much as I can in their last days of vacation. This year has been and will continue to be of many changes in our home. For starters, my second daughter is starting college this year. I am so happy because that makes two out of three in college, so far so good, since my youngest still has to more years of high school to complete.

In between busy schedules, summer fun and the transition in season, there is always time for work :) If you are like me and love making your baked goodies looks pretty, I have share a video on how I make the little tiny ribbon bows for cake pops and cookies with wire ties included. I buy the Mini Treat Bags that come with wire ties and do the bows myself.

Online we can find a variety of pre-tied ribbon bows to add a nice finish to our packaged cookies and cake pops, but there may be times when we need to make our own ribbon bows to go accordingly to the celebration or type of decoration we used on our baked goodies. To add a personalized touch the way we like to our products, we need to make the bows ourselves, this task requires patience and dedication. In addition to being freshly baked and good tasting, these details make our homemade work special and worth the cost. For web photos ribbons are added to unwrapped cake pops, but the bows are usually tied after cookies and cake pops have been inserted into clear bags. The video I share below is how I make the ribbon bows with wire ties included, I hope it inspires you to make beautiful colorful bows.

How do you tie your cake pops or cookies? Any helpful tips are welcome.

Happy and blessed day!

"The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all;" ~ Psalm 34:19


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