Ombré Cake Decorating Technique

This time of the year I prefer cakes with no frosting or lightly frosted. If I have to decorate a cake I look for simple and easy decorating techniques that require little effort, but that the outcome is an extraordinary cake. I have loved the ombre look on buttercream frosted cakes, but I had not tried it with italian meringue.

Applying the frosting is easy, all you just need is a plain round tip and three pastry bags. If you don't
own a round tip there is no need to worry, you could just cut the tip of the pastry bag to make a half  inch opening. Make your favorite frosting in white or cream color and add coloring to make different shades of the same color.

On this occasion I used italian meringue in three colors, two tones of yellow and left a little more of a third of frosting in white. This is how you can do this technique: After lightly crumb coating, apply a top coat and smooth it out a little.

Then apply the different tones of frosting on the sides in the order you like either from dark to light or from light to dark. It doesn't have to be neat or even, because you want the colors to blend naturally. Using a spatula spread the frosting in the sides to get a smooth finish. Clean the spatula before finishing the top part of cake, to prevent unwanted color blending.

You can decorated with a bi flower or various small fondant flower. Since this cake was for us at home, I decorated with easy flowers made with the same yellow meringue. It a five dot flower with a chocolate pearl in the center.

This a very easy way to decorate a cake and it looks marvelous. I hope you like it, try it and enjoy itShare your ombre cake of any style in our facebook fan page, we will all love to see it.

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