Orchid Cupcakes

A few weeks ago I shared a photo on facebook of the dendrobium superbum orchids we have at home when they had just flourish. It is the first time that they bloom since my husband and I bought them last year. The beauty and aroma of these flowers inspire to enjoy nature, and to thank our Creator for their beautiful display which He gives to us freely. These also inspired me to create some orchid cupcakes. Below you'll also find a how to video on how I did each step. I thank my wonderful daughter, Crystal, for helping me with the video. THANK YOU Cookie :)

I am sure these cupcakes would have been nicer and neater if made with buttercream or fondant, but wanted to make it with our favorite frosting, Italian meringue to share with all friends who daily create awesome cakes and look for different options. It's the first time I do this type of flower, I know I can improve the technique, but for now I share it with you as is. I am sure that together we can learn from each other how to make prettier.  I hope you like the idea.

First we lightly frost the cakes with white or light green Italian meringue or frosting of your preference. I used tip #12 to do this.

Next we make the three sepals (tepals) using tip #104.

Then with tip #352 make the two curled petals.

Fill the pastry bag with a line of dark purple or burgundy. I recommend using a table knife or thin spatula when performing this step. If it get a bit do not worry, it will help to make it like the actual  veins that petals have.

Finish filling the pastry bag with purple or hot pink frosting. Squeeze a few times into a plate to blend in the two colors of frosting before working with it on the cupcake.

I see the lip petal (labellum) as a heart shape, so that's how I interpreted it. I used tip #61 with the two toned frosting pastry bag to form the center lip petal of the orchid. You can see how I make this step in the video below.

Have an awesome week :)

But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive. ~ Genesis 50:20


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