Petal Effect on a White Cake

The decorating technique that I share today is called petal effect. This technique is usually done with a round medium or large tip like # 12 or # 1A, but this time I used Ateco tip # 199 to get a different finish. It takes a while to complete all the sides of a cake, but the outcome at end is well worth it.

Before you start to decorate, cover the cake with a thin layer of frosting  to get it crumb coated. This will help level and even out the cake giving it a smooth finish that's ready for decorating. Since you will be covering the cake with a decorative technique by adding more frosting, is not necessary to put a thick layer of crumb coat on the sides nor worry if it's smooth enough. You do have to add enough frosting on the top of the cake and smooth it out evenly if no petal technique will be used there.

Start by forming one vertical line of dots, as seen in the photo. With a small spatula slide to the right or to the left if you are lefty. In my case the tip I used was small so a table knife worked best for me. You will find that the spatula, or knife will get smeared with frosting, therefore,  you must have a damp cloth available for cleaning the knife in between each dot to get a clean finish. Repeat this pattern until the entire cake is covered. It is possible that the last petal line is not as wide as the other rows, if this happens just finished it as neat as you can and let that be the backside of the cake.

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