How to Frost The Corners of a Cake

After I shared in facebook one of my first decorated cakes in 2007, (see the cake here), I have received many inquiries about techniques to frost the corners and make them look nice and smooth. When I first started decorating cakes the corners stressed me out because they never came out perfectly smooth. I used to camouflage it with decorative borders. I kept practicing, and finally I frost the corners more relaxed and they come out smooth. Now frosting a cake is a "piece of cake" :)

What I do and what works me for me: after crumb coating the cake, place about 1/2 inch thick of meringue or any other frosting, in the corners and other dabs in the sides, then gently smooth the corners with a spatula.

So this is the trick that I works for me, I place more frosting in the corners, so that when I smooth out with a flat spatula, the corners will be equally smooth and even with the sides.

Do not let this stress you like I let it stress me in the past, after you practice several times, you'll frost around the corners without any difficulty. In all decorating techniques, meringue is always more difficult to work with, but not impossible!

I leave you with this short video, of how I frost around the corners.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.~ Proverbs 16:3

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  1. I am a mess when it comes to decorating. This is very helpful... now if I can get the middle to look pretty!

  2. You make it look so simple!!
    I get to bake, fill, and decorate 175 cupcakes next week!
    And of course eat a couple too!!

  3. Kath, that's a great project. Have fun baking and decorating :)


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