It has been quite a while since I published a jam recipe, so I decided on one of the finest and favorite jams to use as a filling or topping on the Dominican Cake, prune jam. You may use it on any other cake your heart and tummy desires, and as a filling for cookies and sweet empanadas. Because  this jam is dark color, its texture may not be appreciated in the photo, but I assure you it tastes delicious. Prunes (dried plums) are well known for their high fiber content, minerals and antioxidants. Selecting this fruit for jam is a great sweet and healthy option. Hope you can make this recipe at home, especially for the upcoming holidays. Enjoy!

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Prune Jam, Mermelada de Ciruela Pasa
Prune jam ideal to use as spread or as a filling for cakes and cookies.
  • 1 pound prunes (455 g)
  • 1 pound sugar (400 g) may be more or less to your taste
  • 4 cups water (946 ml)
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla (optional)
  • 1 ½ Tablespoons lemon juice (20 ml)
1. Clean and soak prunes overnight. I buy them seedless but if yours are not seedless, it is much easier to remove the pits the day after hydrating.2. Drain the prunes and place them in a pot with 4 cups of water. Cook over medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes or until prunes are soft.3. With a hand blender or fork mash the prunes. Add sugar and lemon juice, leave on medium-high heat (20-25 minutes) stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until thickened or until desired consistency is obtained. It thickens more when cooled.4. Store in sterilized jars or leave to cool to use as a filling in cakes or cookies immediately.  Notes:
Leave it overnight in water to hydrate, this helps to soften faster, meaning less cooking time, but is not necessary. You can wash, drain and cook at once without hydrating.

Total time: Yield: 3 ½ cups

En español: AQUÍ

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  1. usually I make the prune marmelade but with fresh prune I mean. Never i've tried befor with the dry prunes. It looks good, may be I have to try, great job Mari! ;)

  2. Thank you Zia :) For me it is the opposite, I have to try with fresh plums, because I always use prunes.

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. I love dried prunes, and eat them like candy. They are so good for you!
    I have only made plum jam, but never made prune jam. Thanks so much for sharing your delicious recipe, Mari:D

    You are always welcome to visit, when you come to Florida!
    Mi casa, es suc casa...and I mean that sincerely!

  4. I love prunes! I'm guessing I could eat this by the spoonful. It sounds amazing!

  5. Hi Mari, I love prunes and so want to make this. Can you water bath can this and for how long? Thank you for Shari g.

  6. Been looking for a recipe like this! Wondered why it seemed nobody else wanted jam made from prunes when it just seemed so obvious a thing to do! Just plugged it into my calorie counting recipe builder and only 48 calories per tablespoon! Looking forward to making it, possibly this weekend!


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