Traditional Gingerbread Men Cookies

Traditional Gingerbread boy Cookies

These last few days I've been putting together our gingerbread house and making gingerbread men. With all the things we have made a habit of doing for this season, there is nothing better for me than to decorate cookies. I have so much fun decorating gingerbread men, and it keeps me busy doing what I like, especially when it is to give as a gift!

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The cookies are very easy to make and decorate. All you need is a gingerbread man cutter, your favorite cookie recipe, and royal icing. There is nothing complicated about decorating it the traditional way. I made a video of less than two minutes for you to see and get inspired to make a few in the next weeks.

Need some cookie recipes: 
Sugar Cookies (Traditional) 
Decorating Chocolate Cookies
Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

Notes: To add color to the traditional cookie dough, you just have to add a few teaspoons of cocoa or a few drops of color of your choice. These will look nice in red or green, maybe pink for a baby girl!  I am stuck on the traditional, but it is always good to try out new things, especially for kids!

Glaze Recipe: 
Royal Icing

A sweet peek at this year´s gingerbread house:

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