Musical Cupcakes and How-To Fondant Cover Cupcakes

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After I posted the Kitty cupcakes I received several emails about fondant covered cupcakes. The process is very simple and I put together a quick video on how I fondant cover cupcakes. Also among the FAQs are the following:

Can I use Italian meringue under fondant? 
Yes, you can spread a thin layer of a Italian meringue on a cake or cupcake then cover with fondant.

How do I make the fondant look rounded and high on the center, when the cupcake recipe makes the cupcakes come out flat? 
If the recipe you used results in flat topped cupcakes, use a pastry bag or small spatula to place the frosting starting from the center out and make the frosting slightly higher in the center. Leave about 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) edge without frosting. Place the fondant carefully and with your fingertips smooth out fondant circle towards the edge gently. The fondant will stick properly and will have a rounded center.

Can I use royal icing to decorated over fondant?
Yes, you can use royal icing and also buttercream to decorate over fondant. I think with the photos of these cupcakes this topic is more than covered :)

For how long does a fondant covered cupcake keeps, and how many days in advance ahead of time can I decorate cupcakes like these with fondant?
I always recommend delivering or consuming any baked good as fresh as possible. The days that a fondant covered cupcake  keeps well for, depends on many factors such as type of decoration used, the filling, the quality of the fondant and how you store it. You can decorate a day in advance and store in a cool, dry area covered with a cardboard box. In my opinion, decorated cupcakes should not be left out for more than two or three days if you want optimum taste.

For these musical cupcakes I used marshmallow fondant, and black royal icing for the musical notes. The cookie cutter you´ll need for this type of decoration is a 3 inch one. It is hard to find alone, that is why I bought this set of six round double sided cookie / biscuits cutters and I highly recommend them because they are so useful and very much needed for all type of cake, cupcake or cookie decor. Check out the set I am telling you about here: Ateco 6-Piece Double Sided Round Cutter Set.

Have a blessed week!

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