How Print a Mari's Cakes Recipe

A question that has frequently come up: How to print the recipes on this blog? Follow the next steps and you’ll see it is very simple.

How to print?

1) At the end of each post you’ll find social sharing buttons, a printer icon should be there, click it, and print! 

or like this...


2) If no printer icon is found within the social sharing buttons, move the pointer right above the orange button with the white cross, and a window will open with a printing option, click and print! 


3) Another option is to CLICK the orange button with the white cross; a box will open, write PRINT in the search bar, several icons will appear, choose your favorite printing option and voila, print or save the recipe! 

If you have any difficulty, email us the title of the recipe you want and we'll send it as soon as possible.

The Lord makes firm the steps of those who delight in him. ~ Psalm 37:23

Enjoy your weekend in family :)


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