Sweet Beans, Habichuelas con Dulce

Remember that last year I shared the traditional Lent dessert in the Dominican Republic, Sweet Beans (habichuelas con dulce)?

Well, today I made this dessert like usual in Lent, and I wanted to share it again with you and the new followers, who have not yet seen this recipe in this blog.  I will also answer a few questions I have recently received regarding this recipe.

- Could  vanilla be added? 
Yes, you can add vanilla to your sweet beans (sweet cream of beans). I do them with or without vanilla.

- Guarina milk cookies are not found where I live, can the Maria type cookies be used instead?
Yes, you can use Maria type cookies, I have not tried it, but a follower of Europe did, and she told me it was delicious.

- Is it necessary to add the ginger and boniato (batatas)? 
No, it is necessary to add ginger or boniatos. I do not like to eat the sweet potatoes in the sweet beans myself, but I use it and recommend using it to give your cream a thicker texture.

- The beans look much lighter in color then what I see in your picture, what did I do wrong?

You have done nothing wrong. When mixed with the milk in a blender the mixture will look whitish in color, but as soon as the sugar is added and it  boil for a while it will darken.
 For the Sweet Beans (Habichuelas con Dulce) recipe go: HERE

For the Sweet Beans (Habichuelas con Dulce) recipe go: HERE

- Another recipe you can do with sweet beans is homemade sweet beans ice-cream. Place a bowl or a tray of ice cubes with sweet beans in your freezer and once frozen it is delicious! You should blend or mash the boniatos with a little sweet cream before freezing. If you try this let me know if you liked the idea.

As soon as the sweet beans I did today cool down, I will place some in the freezer and will update this entry with photos, by next week.

I also did some esquimalitos. The esquimalitos are homemade ice cream made in small and narrow plastic bags. It's very typical in our country to sell frozen goodies in this style.

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