Delicious Mango Passion Fruit Marmalade

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When I saw this marmalade recipe, I thought about how delicious the combination of the passion fruit and mango could be, and let me tell you it is!! It is a delicious tropical combination. Try this recipe you´ll thank me for it. Enjoy! 

For this recipe I used organic mangos from our farm.

Delicious Mango Passion Fruit Marmalade

(Recipe adapted from Mis recetas Favoritas

2 ½ pounds of mangos peeled and chopped finely

2 ½ (300 gr ) cups white sugar or moscabado 

Pulp of two passion fruit (I used 1 cup)

Fresh juice of one large lemon

1. Place mangos and passion fruit pulp in a large pot, set to a medium–low fire for half-hour.

2. With a hand blender, blend until mango pieces are broken down.

3. Add sugar and continue to cook on medium heat moving constantly until jam consistency is achieved.

Notes: Stir constantly and do not leave unattended  because it tends to stick to the pot. A cinnamon stick can be added if you like, in step No.3.

Yield: Two jars like the one shown on the photo.

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