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Mother's Day is celebrated the last Sunday of May in Dominican Republic, so us bakers are still working on sweet creations inspired for mom with flowers, pastels, and all things pretty. I love flowers, and my husband always gives me an ornamental plant around this time. For several years I have gotten blue hydrangeas plants because they are my all-time favorite.

Hdrangea cupcake bouquets are beautiful! I could have one as a table centerpiece all year round, to bad the cupcakes at home do not last a long time. Whether it is in the form of single cupcake or as a cupcake bouquet, these are perfect for a birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, etc. This hydrangea bouquet will surely add a romantic and delicate touch to your party.

It is very simple to make this decoration technique. You will need tip # 2D, and also tip # 1M that is not open all the way. Most of the web post use buttercream, but this time I used butter-less Italian meringue (suspiro) which is an ideal frosting for hot weather as it does not melt like buttercream and fondant do.

If you want to learn to make suspiro and also have a great amount of information regarding this frosting at your fingertips, I recommend you the Suspiro eBook. For more information check here: Italian meringue how-to eBook.

About the tips:

Get tip # 2D: Extra Large Tip #2D
Get tip # 1M: Decorating Tip-#1M

Hydrangeas can be found in light pink, dark pink, white, blue and also in lilac, therefore, feel free to use the color of frosting you like best.

How I made these hydrangea cupcakes:

I used leaves from my elderberry tree. I have had this tree for thirteen years. I love the scent and simplicity of the elderberry flowers. I cherished this plant because in addition to it being a gift from my husband, its flowers are great to make a medicinal tea that is a fever and flu reliever. If you do have pesticide free leaves at your reach, you can make gum paste leaves or use green tissue paper.

Steps to make a bouquet of cupcakes Mari’s Cakes style check out: Cupcake Bouquet and Vanilla Buttercream.

Have a blessed day!

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans." - Proverbs 16:3

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