Gone Fishing Cookies

These is my version of summertime fun decorated cookies.  I was inspired by my gone fishing cupcakes, so I call them gone fishing cookies. The recipes I used are the following:

Chocolate Sugar Cookies
Royal Icing II
Marshmallow Fondant

Chocolate cupcake filled with coconut flavor italian merengue with coconut flakes, topped with blue italian merengue. The fish is made out of fondant and left to dry for three days to harden. For the fishing rod I used a 7" bamboo skewer.

Gone fishing chocolate decorated cookies.

I used two tones of blue royal icing and mixed them a bit to resemble the sea and sky. I also added white sprinkles to imitate the air bubbles in the water.

For the bamboo rod I used brown icing. This occurred to me at the moment of decorating the cookie, but I wasn't aware if such fishing rod existed until I investigated and to my surprise there are bamboo fishing rods. Mine are much more rustic, but it still was of much enjoyment to make these cookies for my daughters and to eat them.

I glued the fondant fish with royal icing. After all the details were dry, I added bigger air bubbles with white icing and sprinkled them with rainbow disco dust to add a bit of sparkle.

Have a blessed rest of the summer :)

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