Friendship and Love Heart Cookies, Galletas Decoradas

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Last week I shared a picture on Facebook of a few cookies that I was decorating. Here's the final product. These are a classic at home for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. I hope these romantic cookies inspire you to bake, decorate and looooove way beyond this past holiday.

Due to lots of rain and humidity, I could not do little rose buds in advance to decorate these cookies like I wanted to. What I ended up making were these simple but cute flowers with the tip #26, #18, and in the center I placed a gold nonpareil. For the leaves I used tip # 67.

The result was a very flirty and romantic cookie. I placed some cookies in a mini wooden trunk hand painted by my daughter Crystal. This makes a nice gift for family and friends, right?

Valentine ain't over for me, the year has 365 days and they are all days for celebrating love and friendship. I hope this post will provide you with inspiration for making cookies and to continuously fall in love with your partner, your family, your work and above all, God.

Esta receta en español: AQUÍ.

For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another.~ 1 John 3:11

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2 Friends Have Comment:

  1. Hello Mari,
    normally I'm not a fan of decorated cookies. But I must confess. I have just fall in love with these ones.
    I love the color combination. It's not too much. Very light, and the small flowers with the green leaves are so cute. Next time I will challenge to decorate my cookies in this way.
    Great work.
    Greetings from another Mari in Germany

    1. Thank you Marichan :)I am glad you like these cookies, and I do hope you use this technique to decorated your cookies next time.

      Have a great week.


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