Multi-Color Italian Meringue and Rainbow Cupcakes

These are two decorating techniques to make Italian meringue, or any frosting of your choice into a multicolor frosting to decorated your cupcakes or cakes. For these cupcakes I used the vanilla cupcakes recipe. How I do the rainbow cupcakes you can check it out HERE.

Take a look at my step by step in photos of how I do a rainbow effect and pastry bag striping on Italian meringue: HERE

En español: AQUÍ

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  1. Very very cool Mari! Somehow I have a feeling that the look of mine wouldn't turn out nearly as beautiful as yours did. Btw, I forgot to mention the last time I was over here, but I really love the changes you made to your site! have a great week!

  2. Julie - Thanks!! I am sure yours would come out beautiful, you are very talented.

    Have an excellent week :0)

  3. Very beautiful cupcakes Mari but I agree with Julie. I am not sure I will be able to make them as good as yours!

  4. Mari-I love the rainbow Meringue swirls, and enjoyed watching your made it look so easy, but then, you are a professional.
    You make everything extremely beautiful!

  5. Katerina and Elisabeth - Thank you, you are making me blushed :)I am glad you like the cupcakes.

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. So pretty! I've seen the rainbow cakes, but the frosting is such a good and original idea. Its beautiful...

  7. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful again.



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