1st Blog Anniversary

Today is my first BLOG ANNIVERSARY!! I can not believe how fast time has passed. It has been a year unparalleled, full of pleasant emotions and the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world, people who are creative and inspiring. Since I posted my first recipe Dominican Chicken Soup Mari's Style, until today,  Mari's Cakes Blog has been a place of growth, inspiration and new ideas.

THANK YOU for reading my posts, for cooking my recipes and sending photos, for sending emails thanking or congratulating me, for taking time to leave a comments and also those who have trusted me and I have given me awards. FYI, I have reserved a space dedicated to the blog awards I receive from fellow blogger friends.  You are more than welcome to visit here: Prizes, Awards to Mari's Cakes.

I never thought that in such a short time this blog would have so many readers and a little more than 500 friends who follow it. I am amazed on how many recipes I have published and this is just beginning. WOW! To me this is a place for recreation, a place where I can share my ideas and dedicate the recipes to my family and friends. As I said before, being able to see my recipes published is like bringing to life my recipes scrapbook. With God's will I hope to continue to share with you my 20 years experience in kitchen adventure with all the love and passion that cooking for our loved ones deserves. I clarified that I am not a professional chef, nor a cooking professor, I  just love cooking, I learned to cook for love and with love. 

Don't stay out, grab a piece of the cake and celebrate Mari's Cakes 1st blog birthday! See the photos on the spanish version of this entry: Here!

Thanks for visiting :)


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