Homemade Cornbread

This easy all time favorite cornbread is the perfect side dish for baked meats, BBQs, chili, salads and alone for snacking. This recipe also makes a great cornbread for cornbread dressing.

En español: Pan de Maíz.

Baked as muffins, they're perfect for buffets.

This recipe is tested, recommended and guaranteed! From my home bakery to yours.

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11 Friends Have Comment:

  1. Your cornbread looks so moist. I've forgotten how wonderful cornbread is. We used to have it with butter and honey. Yum!

  2. Thanks, and Welcome Spoon and Chopsticks!

  3. Hi! Mari, Love this recipe, hope i can find yellow cornmeal here in Malaysia. Have to look for it.

  4. Hi Norbani,

    I hope you do find it, because it is a good homemade easy bread to make.

  5. Hola mari estoy muy contenta con tu sitio soy una sigidora de pily y por medio de ella me pude contactar con tu blog gracias un beso.

  6. msmariamolina - Bienvenida! Me alegro que pasaras por aquí.

    Un saludo,

  7. So beautiful! And I know it tastes as good as it looks. Gorgeous pictures.

  8. Suzanne - Thank you, and yes it is delicous and very easy to do.

  9. Well, this is the second recipe I try from the blog, first one was the dominican bizcocho w\suspiro (perfection) and now the cornbread. Let us overlook the fact that I may or may not have burnt the bottom just a tad, the verdict came at it being simply perfect in taste and texture. Cannot wait to have mum and the rest wake up to it for breakfast. Next: Jalla bread (oi! wish.me.luck) Love the blog and the entire feel of it! Keep up the amazing work, Mari. I'll shall keep being the Julie to your Julia on my end and hope to not cause many fires. Sincerely, JMI

  10. I'm a cornbread freak! I love how yellow yours is :)


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