Cake Leveling

Using a Serrated Knife
Place the cake on a cake board, and then place the board on a cake stand. While slowly rotating the cake stand, move the knife back and forth across the top of cake in a sawing motion to remove the crown. Try to keep the knife level as you cut

Using a Cake Leveler
Place the cake on a cake board. Position the ends of the feet on the large cake leveler into the notches at the desired height. With legs standing on the work surface, cut into the crusted edge using an easy sawing motion, then proceed by gently gliding wire through the cake. Torting is easy with this tool

Torting the Cake
Once your cake is baked, use a Cake Leveler or Serrated knife to cut off crowns and to torte into equal sections for filling.Follow the same directions as Leveling. To separate layers, carefully slide the top torted layer onto a Cake Circle. Repeat the process for each additional layer.

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Crumb Coat for a Smooth Cake Finish


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