Cake Leveling

Using a Serrated Knife
Place the cake on a cake board, and then place the board on a cake stand. While slowly rotating the cake stand, move the knife back and forth across the top of cake in a sawing motion to remove the crown. Try to keep the knife level as you cut

Using a Cake Leveler
Place the cake on a cake board. Position the ends of the feet on the large cake leveler into the notches at the desired height. With legs standing on the work surface, cut into the crusted edge using an easy sawing motion, then proceed by gently gliding wire through the cake. Torting is easy with this tool

Torting the Cake
Once your cake is baked, use a Cake Leveler or Serrated knife to cut off crowns and to torte into equal sections for filling.Follow the same directions as Leveling. To separate layers, carefully slide the top torted layer onto a Cake Circle. Repeat the process for each additional layer.

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Crumb Coat for a Smooth Cake Finish

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  1. hola...what size cake is thisP this cake looks like you can make one full cake by diving the two layers and filling it and it makes one full cake...correctP

  2. hola...what size cake is thisP this cake looks like you can make one full cake by diving the two layers and filling it and it makes one full cake...correctP

  3. EnVy and /or Gismelp -

    This is a 7 inch square cake. I used a 7 inch by 3 inch deep square cake pan and YES you could add filling to it and make it one cake. I used the half pound Dominican Cake Recipe.

    If you have any question regarding pan size and how to calculate cake pounds read:Cake Pounds Measurements.

  4. how do you bake a big cake like a 16 inch square cake cuz everytime i tried it breaks when i tried to take it out to put on top of the filled layer. i tried cindys way but it doesnt work for me or maybe im doing something wrong. i have a two pound square cake order for march . What mold should i use Mari?

  5. Hi Gismelp, what is Cindy's way?
    What shape you want the cake to be, rectangle?

    Did you read: How to assemble a cake, made easy?
    Section #9 shows a big spatula I use to help. It is OK if it breaks a little, you could then cover it with frosting.

  6. The lady wants a two pound square cake. I think I'm a little confused on the molds and how much pounds they are. I'm planning on just using the 16 square mild that your blog says it's a 2 pound mold. Does each layer have to have 1pound of batter to equal the two pounds? Or do I have to fill that mold with two pounds of batter because it's a two pound mold? That's where I get confused.

  7. I do recommend you to a baking class, just because you do have lots of questions and already are taking orders. I am going to try to explain, but I can't do any more than this.

    -When you are making a two pound cake, you'll need to make the one pound recipe double. You can either choose to do it in:

    a) One 16" x 16" square pan or One 16" X 16" round pan. Meaning putting the doubled cake batter in one mold, bake it and once it's cool you divide it into two layers (middle horizontal cut)to add filling.

    b) Two 16" x 16" square pans or Two 16" x 16" round pans. Meaning you make one pound batter first and bake in one pan, than make another pound batter and cook it in the other pan. Using this method there is no need to layer the cake, just add filling on one layer and locate the other layer on top of the first.

    I recommend baking it in two pans because it cooks better and faster, but the option is yours. As you grow in experience, you'll choose what is best for you.

    I hope I have answered your doubt.


  8. I'm sorry if I am being annoying but I can't afford classes because I don't work so asking questions is all I can do.

  9. Gismelp- Nope, Don't get me wrong, I didn't mean you are annoying. one thing is me writing about it another is you watching someone do it.

    I could answer all the questions but I am not always online, like yesterday and today. Don't get me wrong, I do not make money online, I do this entirely for free and I love it, I receive joy in it. However I clarify I am not an instructor, nor I teach baking. What I know is from baking at home for many years and don't want you to think I know it all.

    Hopefully what I have shared with you so far will help.


  10. You do know a lot more than me... Your experiences has led you to make beautiful cakes and sell them and people love it. I wanna share that passion and joy too. Thanks for your tips. I've learned a lot from you so to me you are my cake instructor.

  11. Gismelp- Thanks, I wish you the best in your baking adventure, and may your baked goods be delicious :)

    Have a great day,

  12. Oh it has been delicious. It's just the big cakes I have trouble with. And other finishing touches and decorations that I'm trying to learn little by little for the finishing looks of my cakes. A little of research and hopefully from your help will help me learn new things.

  13. I am attempting to make my first Dominican cake. Hope it comes out good. Not sure how soon I can prepare the frosting. Can it sit while the cake is baking? ThAnk you for your help

    1. If you are planning to use dominican frosting (suspiro) it's best to prepare it at the moment to be used.


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