A Merry Salutation

Long time I have not post!! I really miss sharing recipes and ideas with you in this blog. I also miss living in my country home and all the free time I had there for developing, photographing them, and uploading recipes to the blog. I have been occupied with a small family pastry and pizza shop in the city, but I could not let the year end without sharing my best wish for all of you and your family.

May the new year be a prosperous and joyful one, and may family unity predominate in your home! I hope to continue to continue sharing recipes as accustomed with you soon, for now, I will leave you with the links of the following recipes that I've shared in past Christmases. One of the recipes is ginger tea, and I will hopefully be preparing and enjoying some tonight. May Jehovah God Bless you!

Have a merry rest of the year!

Videos made by me for the season. Enjoy!:


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