Mari's Cakes Bakery

Hi, dear friends!

I have not published any recipe for a while, but I have not forgotten about my sweet blog.

We have opened a small bakery in the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic. My husband and I have gotten together to work in this family owned and operated pizzeria and desserts cafe style bakery.

Our public acceptance has been GREAT! We have been so busy working and interacting with new customers/ friends, that I have had little time to cyber search, much less blog like I use too.

I love what I am doing now and would like in the future to continue to share more of what I do, and some bakery updates. Any ideas are welcome.

You are welcome to visit us anytime if you are in town to taste the BEST cinnamon rolls and pizza in DR!

Mari's Cakes 
C/M. Meriño, #3 
Los Jardines Metropolitanos 
Santiago, Rep. Dominicana 

We open Tuesday to Sunday from 4-10PM 

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