How to Make Modeling Clay with Chocolate Candy Melts

If fondant flowers and decorations are fun to make, then working with chocolate modeling clay is one true delight. Edible flowers are so enticing and luscious, you'll wouldn't want them any other way. This chocolate clay only needs two ingredients, therefore it is simple to make and it's done instantly!!!

The weather here is not the most appropriate for working with modeling chocolate, that's why I had not shared any of my creations before. I do think that candy melts are more resistant to heat and since I've had a few days working with them to make cake pops, I decided to make chocolate roses. I usually make chocolate figures or flowers with cookie cutters. These are my first chocolate roses, so many details are not as correct as they should be. :) I will use these beauties on a cake I made for my daughters, and will be uploading some photos of it soon.

Have you ever tried working with this candy clay? What kind of decorations do you do with candy melts clay?

Chocolate Modeling Clay 

14 ounces candy melts (397 g)
cup of corn syrup (79 ml)

Melt chocolate in microwave or bain marie following package instructions and be careful not to overheat. Stir chocolate until it's completely melted and once it has cooled to room temperature (cool to the touch) add the corn syrup.

With a spatula gently stir scraping the sides of the bowl until the corn syrup has fully incorporated and blended with all the chocolate. It takes about a minute, the mixture should look like a ball of cookie dough. Be careful not over mix or you will damage the mixture and the chocolate will break up into pieces.
Pour the mixture into a plastic sheet and spread a little and wrap. Leave to set overnight at room temperature.

The next day your chocolate clay will be ready for you to mold into any shape or decoration your heart dictates. Enjoy!!

Notes: To color chocolate clay  add by drops a knead in after clay has set. Only use candy color or powder candy colors since they are oil based and won't cease the modeling clay. I use  Wilton Candy Color. A little color can be added to the chocolate at the time of adding the corn syrup and no further mixing is required; however, if a lot of color is going to be used to make a very bright or dark color, then the amount of corn syrup must be adjusted since less of it will be needed to compensate the color amount used.

Cool References:
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Lauren Sulser wonderful video below:

Lauren has made a wonderful video with the steps, except that the measurements are different and she uses a gourmet chips (pure chocolate). The measurements she used are: 1 pound of chocolate (454 g) and ½ cup of light corn syrup (118 ml).

“Flowers wilt, jewelry tarnishes, and candles burn out...but chocolate doesn't hang around long ehough to get old.” ― Sr. Cocoa Loca


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