Ms. Pacman Cupcakes

A week ago a group of my daughter's friends asked me to bake Ms. Pacman cupcakes for a birthday party. They sent me a link of a photo they saw on instagram for me to see the cupcakes they wanted. Of course I baked it for them, I loved pacman back in the 80's.

Normally I try to avoid coping designs from the web when decorating cakes for my customers, I always try to do something original and mine, but with all the instant sharing going on, it is easier for customers to get more involved with what is "trendy" on the web and picking what they like. I thought the retro idea is great and wanted to share these with you, but not before looking for the owner of the photo sent to me. I'm glad my detective work paid off, I did find the photo on the web and its owner, Cupcakes Nouveau. I hope you like the idea.

I cannot go on without saying the following: Technology is a great way to receive and share information and ideas, but photo sharing has its pros and cons. Many times photos are shared freely on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, with no information of whom is the original owner of the photo. People innocently continue to forward, but that's not fair.  We all are all culprits sometimes when we hit the like, share, pin it, repin, etc. The next time you share photos please remember to include their proper links.

I frosted the chocolate cupcakes with a Italian meringue and then placed the Ms. Pacman cupcake topper. I loved how they looked! A true 80's flashback of when I used to played this game with my brother.

I would like to thank Elsa G. who was kind enough to send me a pattern for pacman. I found the same one in various sizes: here, I hope it is usefull to you.  Thanks Elsa :)

For the how to, continue reading...

Honestly I am not good in cutting fondant with paper patterns, so I chose to use a cutter instead. The round ones I have are either too small or very large, so I improvised and used a small coffee cup that was the exact size I wanted to cut out the fondant pieces.

After 24 hours as the fondant pieces harden a bit, I brushed pearl dust, then a little disco dust to add a touch of shimmer and glitter on these fun cupcake fondant toppers!

I used the following recipes: 
For the cupcakes: Chocolate Cupcakes
For the frosting: Italian Meringue
For the filling: Dulce de Leche
For decoration: Marshmallow Fondant MMF
A round cookie cutter

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." ~ Matthew 6:33-34


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