Bread Pudding

A good dinner is not complete without a delicious dessert. Bread pudding is a delicious homemade dessert, perfect for when you have left over bread and would like to prepare a scrumptious homemade dessert. I use sandwich bread from Lumijor, a fine bakery in Santiago, Dominican Republic because of it great taste and because I always have at hand, but any bread will do. This dessert brings me back to my childhood memories and is one of my favorite. If you prepare this recipe, it will become a classic in your family.

En Español: Pudín de Pan

To Make Caramel:

Bread Pudding (Pudín de Pan)
For the pudding:
12 slices of bread or 4 cups chopped bread
4 cups of evaporated milk
1 cup of whole milk
1 cup white sugar or to taste
½ cup of unsalted butter melted
½ cup of raisins
1 Tablespoon ground cinnamon
5 eggs
1 teaspoon Vanilla
Pinch of salt

For caramel: 
¾ cup of brown sugar + 3 Tablespoons of water and juice of one small lemon.

1. Lightly grease a three inches tall baking pan, about 10 inch x 8 inch. Cover with previously made caramel (see below) and sprinkle with two Tablespoons brown sugar and ½ tablespoon of raisins.
2. To make caramel: place ¾ cup of brown sugar + three tablespoons of water and juice of one lemon and boil until you reach a caramel consistency. Cover the base of the baking pan. When cooking the caramel, do not leave unattended because it tends to rise and spill.
3. Add raisins to chopped bread and reserve.
4. Mix eggs whites with sugar and beat until airy and foamy.
5. Mix the milk with the cinnamon, vanilla, butter, and salt. Heat milk mixture and when it comes to a boil turn off the heat. Reserve one cup for later use. Mix a little milk with egg mixture to cool temperature and add the two mixtures to the bowl of chopped bread and raisins.
6. Cover and refrigerate for one hour.
7. Remove from refrigerator and add the reserved cup of milk, add more if needed to get the mixture to look moist and almost like a thick soup.
8. Pre-heat oven to 350°F (180°C). Bake for 45 - 50 minutes in a bain-marie. Insert knife or tooth pick to test if pudding is ready. It should feel like a soft custard or gelatin. Remove from oven a let stand until cooled. Turnover on serving dish or tray, serve warm or cold.  

I dedicated this recipe with much love to my daughter Ruby. 

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. - Proverbs 18: 24.
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  1. What a luscious looking pudding! Really sinful.



  2. muchas gracias mary por la receta hoy la hize y me quedo de show

  3. Gracias por las receta... Me salo PERFECTO!!!

    1. A la orden Ruthie! Me alegro que te quedara perfecto! Que pases un feliz día!


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